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The sun was slowly rising over the English countryside. The day before, Chise and Elias had left on a mission and had come back late at night, so they went to bed quickly because they were exhausted. Elias used to get up early and like every morning he decided to go to the bathroom to get ready while the house was still sleeping.

Unfortunately, Chise didn't sleep well, getting up a few minutes after him and not seeing him in the living room she thought he was still sleeping.

[Chise]-After yesterday's hard day, I will go and take a good bath, I didn't have the opportunity to do so the day before because I was much too tired.

she said to herself while slowly going up the stairs to avoid making any noise. She then took all the things she needed before heading to the bathroom.

 Chise delicately opened the door and as she was about to enter, in front of her stood Elias completely naked, her arms on her hips with the still warm shower water dripping from her purple skin. The tone of her cheeks instantly turned red and as she tried to struggle not to look at what was standing in front of her, Chise turned her head and put up a barrier with her hands so as not to see Elias in this state. She cried out in an embarrassed and embarrassed voice:

[Chise]-EX...EXCUSE ME Elias, I...I didn't think you would be here at all, I didn't want to disturb you.

Elias, having no notion of the word "modesty", surprised asked him calmly:

 [Elias]-What's wrong, Chise? You don't bother me, but why are you turning your back on me? You're all red, do you have a fever?

As he began to approach her to see if everything was all right, Chise shouted to her in a slightly shaky tone:

[ Chise ] - No... No EVERYTHING is fine don't... don't worry. I'm... I'm going to leave to see if Silky needs help.

[Elias]-If you want I can help you rinse off if you need...

she then slammed the door and Elias heard her running down the stairs. Half understanding what had just happened, he finished getting ready before going downstairs for breakfast.

 By the time he finished, the three members of the house were ready to eat. Elias greeted them with "Good morning everyone" and sat down in his chair. Chise who was sitting in front of him tried to avoid his gaze and was still all red, this obviously lasted throughout the morning meal.

 Once the meal was over, Chise was already on her way up but she heard Elias calling her from the living room.

Elias]-Chise? Would you come here for a minute?

She pretended not to hear and wanted to continue going up but Elias asked her again in a lower tone:

[ Elias]- CHISE?

Reluctantly she went towards him and asked shyly:

Yes? Do you need anything, Eli...

before she had time to finish her sentence, Elias had taken her in his arms and sat on her lap. He then told her gently with his childish look full of questions:

[Elias]-Chise, you're my teacher too, and it's time for questions.

Chise pretended not to understand:

[Chise]-Des... What do you mean, questions?

Elias]-Since this morning you've been trying to avoid me and you're all red, I'm still old enough to understand that it has something to do with this morning's event, but could you explain to me in more detail what makes you react like that?

Chise hesitated for a moment before answering him, then began:

Chise]-Well, how can I put it, you may not perceive it but for humans to see people in such conditions is a little embarrassing except for a few exceptions like married people or couples but in a certain sense that's why we prefer to be alone when we get dressed or shower for example. This is called "intimacy".

Elias looked at her with his pupils wide open.

 (he had just learned a new word).

[Elias]-But aren't we already sort of married? And it's natural, isn't it?

Chise blushes more beautifully, :

[Chise]-Yes, well, no, but how can I explain it to you? We are not close enough for this kind of thing despite the fact that we love each other, but there are limits, we'll say. Everything in its time and I think it's still too early for those.

Elias shook his head, :

[Elias]-Hum, I see thank you for explaining it to me, I see it more clearly now. I will try to be more careful in the future if you wish.

Chise nodded and Elias brought her down, as she climbed the stairs she said in an almost inaudible voice:

[Chise]-It's still too early but it could happen soon.

and she hurried up before her beloved could answer her.


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